Following an announcement 2010 to help strengthen local communities Government announced its ambitions to reform sub-national economic development and create local enterprise partnerships (LEP’s). These partnerships will provide strategic leadership in setting local economic priorities and rebalance the economy towards the private sector.

Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford had already been working together for a number of years as a sub-economic area (M11 corridor), addressing cross-cutting economic development and infrastructure themes. Through the ambition to create local enterprise partnerships, the three districts created the West Essex Alliance, with the aim to ensure the sub-economic area has a voice within the reforms of regional and national development.

The West Essex Alliance (WEA) will aim to improve the economic prosperity of West Essex by bringing together and working in partnership with both the public and private sectors. Resource realities are such, that partnership working is increasingly important if the West Essex economic area is to be able to influence resource allocations nationally, regionally and beyond to support the delivery of the infrastructure and conditions necessary for economic success.

The West Essex Alliance will help create a shared vision and strategy for the sub-regional economy and investment priorities to benefit West Essex and the individual districts.