November 2013

Harlow Enterprise Zone, Project Director Andrew Bramidge is appointed and starts in post. Press Release (redirects to Harlow Council website).


October 2013

All Local Development Orders, covering all EZ sites are approved and adopted by Harlow Council following approval by the Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government. Harlow Council Local Development Orders.


August 2012

Growing Places Fund bid for road infrastructure improvements enters the last stages of due diligence with final approval expected to take place at the South East Local Enterprise Partnership Executive Group meeting on 7 September 2012.

Studies underpinning the Local Development Orders are completed.

Consultation on the Local Development Order for London Road North expected to start on 28 August 2012. LDO London Road North Consultation Notice.


July 2012

Following the Skills Funding award in March 2012, an Enterprise Zone Skills Partnership Officer is recruited, with work starting on the Skills Plan for the enterprise zone and West Essex.

The Department for Communities and Local Goverment launch the national Enterprise Zone micro-website showcasing each enterprise zone across the country.


June 2012

Promotional information for the Enterprise Zone is supplied to the UK for Trade & Industry (UKTI) and the Department for Communities and Local Government to support inward investment interest and raise the national and international enterprise zone profile.


May 2012

Anglia Ruskin University launch event at the House of Commons for the MedTech Campus,  with Harlow being chosen as one of the locations. It is hoped that the Enterprise Zone will provide the ideal site for the campus. Anglia Ruskin University Launch Press Release


April 2012

In preparation for the Local Development Orders, Transportation Impact, Environmental Impact and Flood Risk Assessment studies are underway. 


March 2012

Following an application to The Enterprise Zone Skills Fund, an award of £100,000 was made by the Skills Funding Agency to support the delivery of skills planning for the enterprise zone.

The Road Infrastructure Improvements application is approved by SELEP and will see a £3.5m investment into the road infrastructure on the A414 to provide access to the Enterprise Zone, London Road and Templefields sites as well as improvements to Edinburgh Way. Read More Here.


February 2012

Following the submission of an application to SELEP’s Growing Places Fund, the Road Infrastructure Improvements application had scored in the highest ‘tranche’ of bids submitted to the fund. The application will be considered at the SELEP Board Meeting due to take place on the 23 March 2012.

Harlow Council on behalf of the West Essex Alliance wrote to all commercial properties located within the Templefields North East site of the enterprise zone with further information about the enterprise zone.Templefields North East Occupiers Letter


January 2012

WEA submits an application to the Growing Places Fund for Road Infrastructure works at Enterprise West Essex @ Harlow.


December 2011

South East Local Enterprise Partnership Board (SELEP) receives EZ implementation report.

Agreement secured for reasonable set-up expenditure to be off-set against retained business rate income received from the Enterprise Zone and infrastructure costs to be assessed for inclusion in the SELEP Growing Places Fund allocation.


November 2011

Harlow Council submits implementation plans to Department for Communities and Local Government.

MedTech Symposium held bringing togther a range of sector experts to advise on the development of the Enterprise Zone.

Harlow Council submits an expression of interest to Anglia Ruskin University for MedTech Campus development.

Plans for Managing Agents requirements commenced.

Discussions begin with further and higher education establishments to address the skills training provision.


October 2011

Harlow Council produces Enterprise West Essex @ Harlow Fact Sheet, providing information on the Enterprise Zone. Enterprise West Essex @ Harlow Fact Sheet


September 2011

Enterprise Zone Working Group is established.

Work commences on:

  • Developing implementation plans for government.
  • Defining the local development orders (LDO) required to simplify the planning conditions for the Enterprise Zone.
  • Plans for road infrastructure improvements.
  • Establishing how super fast broadband will be delivered.
  • Developing the inward investment strategy for the Enterprise Zone.
  • Land owner consultations.

August 2011

HM Treasury announced that Enterprise West Essex @ Harlow had been successful in a bid for Enterprise Zone status. Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Eric Pickles visits EZ location at London Road, Harlow. HM Treasury Press Release


June 2011

Enterprise West Essex @ Harlow, a bid for Enterprise Zone status is submitted to the Department for Communities and Local Government. Developed by Harlow Council in partnership with the West Essex Alliance and other key partners was submitted to Government by the South East Local Enterprise Partnership. DCLG Press Release