Promoting Economic Prosperity in West Essex

  rWorking for:

  • The creation of new business

  • The retention and growth of existing businesses

  • Increased inward investment and tourism

  • Sustainable economic growth and regeneration

The West Essex/M11 corridor offers an unparalleled opportunity, in close proximity to London and Cambridge, to deliver sustainable economic and housing growth. Nowhere else in the UK can provide that opportunity of access to two such world beating cities.

The Corridor works; it is founded on a real economic geography encompassing relationships with London, Cambridge and Eastern Hertfordshire. It is an exceptional place to live, with urban spaces such as Harlow at its sub-regional centre; rural towns, villages, countryside and suburban settlements along London’s Central Line. It is home to a highly skilled population, valuing both the quality of life that the corridor offers and maintaining cultural and employment connections with London and Cambridge.

With the M11 providing an economic ‘artery’ for the West of Essex and beyond, and Harlow at its sub-regional centre offering exceptional value for money as a business location, West Essex offers an unparalleled strategic opportunity for economic growth. Fast road and rail connections to London, Cambridge, and Stansted Airport provide superb access to national, European and global markets.

All this with an exceptional quality of life and environment, ranging from historic villages and market towns including Epping and Saffron Walden, to rural areas and ancients forests.

With over a quarter of a million residents, 14,000 business and 115,000 jobs, West Essex has the ability to drive economic growth for the benefit of the South-East region.

West Essex is made up of the districts of Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford. Harlow Council provides secretariat support to the West Essex Alliance.

Traveling and Living in Maryland - Senior Citizens Finding a Great Place to Retire

The state of Maryland is both one of the smallest and one of the most densely populated states in all of America. This can be attributed to the fact that many people retire to this peaceful state. In an age where people live longer than ever before, we have more seniors making up our demographics than any other time in history. This means that we must be even more focuses on the health, safety and welfare of our senior citizens.

In response to this, the state of Maryland is home to dozens of institutions devoted to maximizing the quality of life of our retired citizens. Many people over the age of 60 reside in Maryland and live tranquilly. People with a variety of chronic ailments, disabilities and other long term conditions find solace and the help they need when they move to Maryland.

The reputation of Maryland providing excellent assisted living to seniors is backed up by the innumerable services that they provide. Retirement communities provide all the supplementary aid needed for those living with dementia, Alzheimer's, fatigue, memory loss and a variety of other conditions that are more likely to arise in old age.

One thing to keep in mind is the importance of driving and car insurance. It is important to maintain one's car insurance to avoid unnecessary legal trouble. This is especially true in Maryland where the cost of living is already higher than average.

If you are living in Baltimore or other Maryland cities then it is important to always look into car insurance quotes. Find out from your local motor vehicle institutions what options are available to you. This applies whether you are a senior citizen already living in Maryland or a recent retiree seeking to move there. Getting the right quotes could go a long way for optimizing your quality of life in the state of Maryland. So, for car insurance quotes, Baltimore is one place you ought to make sure you are careful about when applying for insurance.